Technology Application
Building visual intercom
Building visual intercom High definition camera, white light night vision, video, monitoring at any time, indoor group call
360 panoramic reversing image of car Panorama 360, support 24V car system, support U disk, mobile hard disk recording, low voltage protection, multi-style user-friendly UI, WIFI, 4G, mobile APP and other functions
360 panoramic reversing image of car
Technology Application
Scheme of intelligent air purifier
The smart air purifier solution uses embedded technology, computer technology and information transmission technology to provide users with a full range of digital services, while remote monitoring and real-time information push management of air purifier
AI face recognition scheme
The solution covers the entire link from the hardware to the server. At the same time, we opened the hardware schematics, source code, and recorded supporting video teaching courses. You can quickly iterate your own speech recognition system with only a f
Endoscope development solution
Classified information There are many different types of endoscopes, and their classification methods are different. Generally speaking, the following three classification methods are more common. In terms of market sales, the currently most used categ
Electronic product development
Provide complete services, from electronic circuit design, Layout PCB, software development, prototype debugging, mass production services, after-sales service and other one-stop product services. As a company specializing in the design and service of electronic products, we know that technology is the primary producti……
Tencent cloud
Tencent's cloud platform provides the infrastructure to allow your Web applications to run on it, including: Web Elastic engine, cloud server, cloud storage, bandwidth and other cloud services. These cloud services are highly reliable, can support a l
Primary school digital campus cloud platform
1. In order to cooperate with the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia, the Ministry of Education uses the national primary and secondary school networ……
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About Infrared Thermography
About Infrared Thermography
Infrared thermography is the use of optoelectronic technology to detect the infrared specific wavele……
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