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The dash cam is so useful that why can it only be installed later?

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2022-02-28

The tachograph aims at the responsibility judgment of traffic accidents between motor vehicles, non motor vehicles and pedestrians, and protects the legitimate rights and interests of motor vehicle drivers. It uses digital image sensing technology and high-performance digital image microprocessor chip technology to record and process the whole process dynamic images before and after the traffic accident, and can be played by computer player to replay the whole process before and after the traffic accident. It can clearly and intuitively see the dynamic images of the geographical environment, vehicle driving conditions and various factors affecting traffic safety at the time of the accident, provide a legal basis for the traffic and vehicle management departments to analyze the accident and determine the responsibility of the perpetrator, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of motor vehicle drivers.

Therefore, to sum up, the role of tachograph is self-evident. Because it will play a great role in the face of porcelain bumping and theft, most car owners will install another one after buying a car.

Moreover, most of the dash cam will be installed later. Rarely shipped from the factory.

There are generally two types of dash cam installed in the later stage, one is to directly replace the interior rearview mirror, and the other is fixed on the windshield in front of the co driver. These two things will bring one of the direct problems. General car owners are directly connected to the cigarette lighter and directly throw the line outside. If they have a little obsessive-compulsive disorder, they will study the routing and hide the line.

It is for this reason that the car owners did not book the USB port used to pick up and send the tachograph in the car factory, and some complained that the car factory did not directly configure it as standard. Tens of millions of tachographs are sold every year, which has a large market and an objective profit. Nevertheless, why don't car manufacturers come with standard equipment?

There is market demand, but not everyone has such demand. The law does not require the installation of this thing. Many car owners won't install it because they save money. If the dash cam is equipped as standard, it may cause dissatisfaction of some car owners. After all, there are no regulations for such a long time. It may be better to have some explicit regulations in this regard.

The cost problem is laborious and thankless. For carmakers, although this thing has a profit, the profit they have to pay is not worth mentioning. If we take this thing as the standard, we should first consider power, signal interference, sunscreen and other factors. There is also the need to open molds, do tests and reconsider the interior design. Virtually, the cost will increase a lot, and the price will not be sold. It will be crushed by the afterloading products on a treasure and an East.

Dash cam may be a small product for everyone, but in order to achieve the standard, the main engine factory must reorganize the talent reserve team to fill the previous vacancy. Once it is forcibly installed, the automobile enterprise must also think about how to combine vehicle decoration with vehicle decoration.

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