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How many of the top ten bad habits do you have?

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2021-08-18

1. The clutch can't step on the bottom

For manual models, the clutch is not fully pedaled. For manual models, if the clutch is not fully pedaled, it will damage the clutch and damage the gear.

Second, the steering wheel killed

Some drivers will choose to kill the direction when parking or turning around. Frequently hitting the steering wheel will cause the car's steering pump to be damaged. Over time, it will cause problems with the power steering pump and affect the steering gear. Generally, it is better to reverse the direction of killing.

Third, forget to turn off the lights

Novice car owners may forget to turn off power-consuming devices such as reading lights and headlights after they go home at night and stop the car, because the small lights and headlights will be on without turning on the key. If you forget, it is easy to leave the battery The electric discharge is clean.

4. Wash the car after the car is exposed to the sun

At this time, the paint of the car is very damaged. The hot body is often washed with cold water, which will cause great damage to the paint of the body, and severely cause the paint to crack.

The most dangerous thing is that the glass may be shattered.

Five, the gasoline tank has called the police before refueling

Automobile fuel pumps rely on the fuel itself for cooling. If the fuel level is too low, the fuel pump may overheat or even burn out.

6. Uneven parking position

Long-term parking in this way will cause the four-wheel drop to be too large, which will affect the shock absorber and the balance rod rubber sleeve.

7. The air conditioner does not turn off when the flame is turned on

If you start the vehicle with the air conditioner on, the engine will drive the load of the air conditioner to start, and it will also damage the engine. The correct approach is to turn on the air conditioner 5 minutes after starting the vehicle, and turn off the air conditioner 5-10 minutes before turning off.

Eight, low gear high speed driving or high grade low speed driving

This is one of the most damaging methods for the engine, and it can also cause the clutch plates to slip or the water temperature is too high.

Nine, habitual feet with clutch pedal

Because the clutch is very light, this will inadvertently cause a semi-clutch state, causing the clutch plate and clutch platen to malfunction.

10. Overheated cars in winter

It is necessary to warm up the car before leaving in winter, but the time should not be too long. Generally, it is controlled within one minute. A long time will not only waste fuel but also cause carbon deposits.


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