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Thermal imaging product
Outdoor thermal imaging night vision instrument
Compact and light, high frame frequency, super wide viewing angle, five color modes, real-time image transmission, anti-……
Mobile phone thermal imager
High definition, compact body, easy to carry, ultra-low power consumption, interesting shooting, privacy protection
Thermal imaging temperature detection access control system
Automatic temperature measurement, mask recognition, fast and accurate, multi person detection, high temperature alarm
Infrared thermometer forehead thermometer
Multi-person temperature measurement is fast and accurate, real-time alarm, and face recognition.
Thermal imaging rapid detector
High temperature alarm, high contrast display, three color modes, accurate positioning, real-time monitoring
Infrared temperature measurement access control system
Aperture: F2.4 White balance: automatic Measuring distance: 50-150cmNetwork module: support Ethernet, wireless (Wi……
Individual fire remote support system
thermal perception, dark night vision, voice control, ultra-low weight, wifi, 4G, remote video visibility, voice communi……
Handheld thermal imager
Thermal perception, non-light night vision, voice control, ultra-low weight, wifi, 4G, remote video visible, voice commu……
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