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Full screen recorder ≠ true streaming media how to see through true and false streaming media

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2021-08-18

Due to the various styles and brands of recorders in the market, people can't catch up with them. They confuse the real streaming media, and many car owners mistakenly think that the full screen recorder is also a streaming media rearview mirror recorder. In fact, full screen recorder ≠ true streaming media. Advantages of full screen recorder: 

1、The appearance of the rearview mirror is exquisite, with a 10 inch screen, which is larger and wider than the original rearview mirror;  

2、Front and rear dual recording, support reversing rear view, dual lens compatibility is very good, smooth switching;  


3、The shooting effect is clear. The 1080p HD rear camera has the function of penetrating fog and rain, and any weather will not affect the definition;

4、The effect of light collection is very good. The smart algorithm is used to release the light according to the balance of the environment, so as to avoid overexposure of strong light;   


5Wide shooting range, can see the back view 5 times the field of vision, rear view situation at a glance

6、Parking monitoring function, through the gravity sensor detection data judgment, can automatically switch to parking video mode, 24-hour 24-hour monitoring;


7、With ADAS auxiliary function, it can effectively prevent the vehicle from drifting to the lane due to fatigue driving and bring about potential safety hazard.

These functions of true streaming media a900 can't be compared with full screen recorder. Moreover, the price of true streaming media a900 is cheap, powerful and cost-effective. It has laid the foundation for the popularization of streaming media and has become the most brilliant star in the industry and is carrying the banner of true streaming media. At present, lingdu a900 is in a rush purchase situation in the market, and the supply exceeds demand. The factory is processing and increasing production to meet the needs of dealers and consumers.

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