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Classification of security application of thermal imaging development technology

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2022-02-28

Although the application of thermal imaging technology in China is still in the initial development stage, and the application classification of thermal imaging technology can be carried out according to different classification standards, the more mature application mode of infrared thermal imaging technology can be captured in the airline market of the security industry. Then, let's learn about the security application classification of thermal imaging development technology!

1、 Thermal imaging is classified according to application mode

First, mobile or portable app. Since the birth of uncooled infrared thermal imaging detector, its imaging device is easy to integrate small, portable and handheld products. Or portable devices are more concentrated in the military and police industries, and have been deployed in the army, navy and other services in developed countries. Compared with developed countries, at present, China's military mid infrared thermal imaging is less used, but the demand is huge. According to the statistics of relevant institutions, such products are widely used in power inspection system, fire heat source detection system, state inspection and monitoring system, police security assurance and evidence collection system, and mobile erection temporary control system. The potential market space can reach more than 20 billion yuan. Compared with the security market, the demand of the army is relatively fixed.

Second, the application of Engineering erection system. In recent years, as a mature and effective means of power on-line detection, infrared thermal imaging system realizes the real-time monitoring function of visual operation of power supply equipment, and greatly improves the inspection efficiency of manual inspection equipment. In addition, with the launch of the "technical specification for detecting debonding defects of building exterior wall facing layer by infrared thermal imaging method" in the real estate industry, infrared thermal imaging technology has been standardized and popularized in the real estate industry. With the continuous control of the cost of infrared thermal imaging detector, it has been widely used in various links such as fixed-point installation monitoring, preventive maintenance, nondestructive testing, temperature testing, thermal testing, systematic monitoring safety and safety production process control. If the manufacturing industry uses infrared thermal imaging technology as process detection and control, it can greatly improve the product quality of enterprises.

2、 Thermal imaging is classified according to application function

First, the monitoring thermal imaging camera mainly provides real-time video images, which are generally used in markets with low technical content and price. Using false color images to observe the temperature distribution of monitored objects does not need most temperature measurement.

Second, in addition to providing real-time video images, the temperature measurement type thermal imaging system is a temperature measurement algorithm that manufacturers need to develop, with large development investment and high cost. It is mainly used in scenes that need to accurately understand the object temperature, such as power on-line temperature measurement and human body temperature measurement. It can also provide the temperature information of each pixel in the picture and provide multi area temperature measurement Click temperature measurement and other temperature measurement modes with the mouse to set the temperature alarm threshold.

3、 Thermal imaging is classified by shape

At present, the thermal imaging development system has a variety of appearance forms such as ball machine form, handheld device and PTZ form, which are owned by domestic manufacturers. However, at present, the dual frequency thermal imaging PTZ camera provided by most manufacturers is a simple hardware Patchwork and stacking, and the internal functional modules such as thermal imaging, visible light movement, PTZ and switch are different. Due to the insufficient degree of secondary development, Domestic cameras are mainly used for online temperature measurement of electric power, forest fire prevention, water conservancy, island monitoring and other scenes. Therefore, good thermal imaging products are PTZ products. Thermal imaging images and visible light images fail to form a good dual channel linkage, which seriously affects the customer experience.

The above is the security application classification of thermal imaging technology. For more information, please feel free to contact us!

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