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Infrared thermometer supply exceeds demand

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2022-09-26

       With the arrival of the return to work wave, infrared thermometer has become a shortage of products for a time. Whether it is the airport, railway station, subway, community and other scenes, or high-speed ETC channel of the automatic detection port, the use of infrared thermometer is particularly common.

  In nature, any object above zero (-273 degrees) will emit infrared radiation, infrared thermometer can passively receive the infrared radiation emitted by the object and convert it into a thermal image, and the different colors on the thermal image represent the different temperatures of the object being measured. Based on this principle, infrared body temperature detector can avoid direct contact with people and improve the speed of detection and efficiency of passage of hot people in public places. Infrared thermometer presents a different image than that presented in visible light, especially in areas where crowds are dense and moving fast. If not paid attention to, there may be suspicion of losing people. Matching AI technology with infrared thermometers allows further targeting and can also be used for subsequent big data statistics and analysis.

  To meet the demand for non-contact temperature measurement, in addition to infrared manufacturers, security companies, AI companies, and Internet companies are also launching their own intelligent temperature measurement products.

  When the infrared thermometer system is running, the thermal imaging camera first measures the pedestrian temperature. However, thermal imaging cameras work over a long period of time, there will gradually appear larger errors, not up to the standard 37.3 ° for the initial screening of suspected patients. Moreover, the thermal imaging camera sensor has a low resolution and can capture few available pixels at a distance. When pedestrians wear masks, glasses, hats, and bangs covering their foreheads, it will bring some interference to the temperature measurement. With the help of AI algorithm and black body to optimize the calibration temperature data, only the pedestrian forehead temperature is measured to ensure that the measurement accuracy error is within 0.3.

  According to different scenarios and needs, Fuzhongqi is also promoting the entrance/exit module, including face recognition temperature measuring machine, face recognition high precision temperature measuring gate and witness verification temperature measuring machine, which are mainly used in the entrance/exit of buildings, schools, hotels and parks. It is reported that under this module, the identity of employees can be accurately identified and attendance recorded without taking off the mask. In view of the difficulty of accurate face recognition with masks on, Fuzhongqi is trying to use gait recognition technology to supplement each other's functions. The person in charge told the reporter that the identity of the high-temperature person cannot be determined quickly due to mask obscuring and other reasons. Through gait recognition technology, it is possible to quickly draw a portrait of a person and grasp the patient's movement trajectory after determining abnormal body temperature.

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