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Little knowledge of human infrared thermometer

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2022-09-07

      Infrared thermometer with its high efficiency, non-contact, easy to use and other characteristics, widely used in hospitals, traffic gates, residential communities, densely populated enterprises and institutions.

  Commonly used human infrared thermometer is divided into two types: infrared thermometer and infrared thermal imaging temperature rapid screening instrument. Infrared thermal imaging body temperature rapid screening instrument can automatically track the high temperature area alarm, in crowded public places to monitor a large area, with visible video, quickly find and track the higher body temperature of the crowd. When the infrared thermal imaging body temperature rapid screening instrument integrated with cell phone probe, face recognition and other technologies, it can also grasp more information of people with higher body temperature.

  The body's heat will be emitted into the environment in the form of thermal radiation, infrared thermometer through the built-in sensor to detect the body's thermal radiation, so as to achieve the purpose of measuring body temperature. Infrared thermography body temperature rapid screening device is the use of infrared temperature measurement technology, non-contact way to quickly measure the human body surface temperature, when the measured temperature reaches or exceeds the preset warning temperature value of the alarm instrument. Infrared ear thermometer is an instrument that uses the infrared radiation exchange between the ear canal and the tympanic membrane and a detector to measure the body temperature, which is measured by the tympanic membrane of the human ear. The ear canal should be cleaned before measurement and the probe should be placed in the ear canal for measurement. Hygienic ear muffs should be used to avoid cross-contamination of multiple people. Infrared forehead thermometer is an instrument that measures skin temperature by using the exchange of infrared radiation between the skin and the detector with appropriate emissivity correction.

  The advantages of infrared thermometry are: firstly, it does not come into contact with the measured object and does not cause unnecessary infection when measuring temperature; secondly, the measurement time is usually less than 1 second and usually does not exceed 2 seconds. Therefore, it is ideal for the prevention and detection of febrile diseases. Usually, near the human body temperature of 37℃, the accuracy of infrared thermography temperature rapid screening instrument can reach ±0.3℃, and infrared thermometer can reach ±0.2℃. In terms of measurement accuracy, the infrared ear thermometer is more accurate, followed by the infrared forehead thermometer. However, if the measurement method is not correct, the measurement results will be inaccurate. When the newly purchased infrared thermometer is used frequently and the measurement results are in doubt, it should be calibrated to determine its correction value and eliminate the systematic error of the thermometer as much as possible.

  Blackbody radiation source can be used for the calibration of human infrared thermometer, which has high requirements for its effective emissivity and temperature control stability. The temperature of the black body is usually measured with a contact thermometer such as a platinum resistance thermometer or a glass liquid thermometer, and its temperature is compared with the temperature measured by the infrared thermometer to obtain the calibration value. In order to calibrate the black body of the infrared ear thermometer, the shape and size of its opening should be specially designed according to the requirements of the thermometer under test.

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