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General knowledge of infrared thermometer

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2022-10-11

       Infrared thermometer is to use the front-end infrared machine to identify the high-temperature people, identification efficiency, to achieve non-contact dense crowd of people face-assisted temperature measurement, to solve the efficiency and controllability of public places of passage.

  1. Infrared thermometer can not measure the temperature through the glass, the glass has special reflective and transmittance characteristics, so it does not allow accurate infrared temperature readings. But the temperature can be measured through the infrared window. Infrared thermometer is best not used to measure the temperature of bright or polished metal surfaces (stainless steel, aluminum, etc.).

  2. Infrared thermometer can only measure the surface temperature of the object, but not its internal temperature.

  3. Carefully locate the hot spot, find the hot spot, aim at the target with it, and then scan the target up and down until the hot spot is identified.

  4. When we use it, we should pay attention to the environmental conditions: smoke, steam, dust, etc. They can block the optical system of the instrument and affect the accurate measurement of temperature.

  5. When using the infrared thermometer, pay attention to the ambient temperature. If the instrument is suddenly exposed to an ambient temperature difference of 20 degrees or higher, the instrument will adapt to the new ambient temperature within 20 minutes.

  When measuring temperature with an infrared thermometer, the infrared energy emitted by the object being measured is converted into an electrical signal on the detector through the optical system of the infrared thermometer. The temperature reading of the signal is displayed and there are several important factors that determine an accurate temperature measurement. The important factors are emissivity, field of view, distance to the spot and spot position.

  All objects reflect, transmit and emit energy, and only the emitted energy indicates the temperature of an object. When an infrared thermometer measures the temperature of a surface, the instrument can pick up all three types of energy. Therefore, all infrared thermometers need to be adjusted to read only the emitted energy. Measurement errors are usually caused by infrared energy reflected from other light sources. Some infrared thermometers can vary the emissivity, and emissivity values for various materials can be found in the published emissivity tables. Other instruments have a fixed emissivity of 0.95. The emissivity value is the surface temperature of most organic materials, paints or oxidized surfaces and should be compensated for by applying tape or flat black paint to the surface being measured. When the tape or paint reaches the same temperature as the substrate, the surface temperature of the tape or paint is measured and is its true temperature. In contrast to the distance spot, the optical system of an infrared thermometer collects energy from a circular measuring spot and focuses it on the detector. Optical resolution is defined as the ratio of the distance between the infrared thermometer and the object to the size of the measurement spot (D:S). The larger the ratio, the better the resolution of the infrared thermometer and the smaller the spot size. Laser aiming is only used to help aim the measurement point. The zui new improvement in infrared optics is the addition of the near-focus feature, which allows for accurate measurements of small target areas and prevents the effect of background temperature. The field of view should ensure that the target is larger than the spot size measured by the infrared thermometer, and the smaller the target, the closer it should be. When accuracy is particularly important, make sure that the target is at least twice the spot size.

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