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What are the benefits of installing dash cam?

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2022-02-28

There are more and more private cars in society, and all kinds of traffic accidents are also increasing. Moreover, the "porcelain bumping" events emerge one after another, and the purchase of tachograph has been the main consideration of many cars. But some car owners are on the sidelines. Is the dash cam useful? Let's see what it does.

1、 Is the dash cam useful?

Many car owners will linger before they are ready to buy. Often the owner said, "is it useful? To this end, we interviewed a number of car owners who installed dash cam, and they reflected that many of the equipment is indeed effective.

Analysis: what is the use of dash cam?

Many car owners have a wrong understanding of the "function of tachograph". For example, some car owners think that dash cam can be used by writers and DV cameras. In fact, this is incredible. Next, a car owner has summarized the use of dash cam.

Function 1. The main function of tachograph is equivalent to the black box of aircraft. After an accident, you can record the whole process and save the real scene for users. In case of accident dispute, the pictures taken can be used as evidence.

Role 2: the natural enemy of "pengci professionals". Some "pengci professionals" will stare at novice owners. Novice owners are likely to be blackmailed in case of scraping with them. If you have a tachograph, you can provide effective evidence for yourself.

Function 3. Convenient insurance and rapid claim settlement. Without video, the claim settlement process will be longer. If you directly provide accident video to the insurance company, you can get compensation quickly.

Function 4. Some tachographs can be used for night parking monitoring, which can monitor unfriendly people at any time. Once there is a problem, it can be used as evidence.

Therefore, in order to ensure our personal and wallet safety, more and more car friends are installing tachographs, especially novice comrades who are just on the road.

2、 How to select dash cam?

Presumably, after understanding the "function of the equipment", the owner has tended to buy it. But now there are many manufacturing enterprises and many brands on the market, including many fake tachograph brands, which makes it more and more difficult for car owners to buy.

First of all, the dash cam is a camera product, focusing on the lens. We all have a misunderstanding that the quality of a lens is no longer determined by that pixel. The main reason why the 12 million SLR camera is more expensive than the 16 million pixel card machine is the lens. Its production and quality are directly related to the quality of the dash cam. The dash cam is a photographic equipment. Now the HD player only supports the resolution of 1920 * 1080, that is, 2 million pixels is enough to undertake this important task.

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