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Function, purpose and installation precautions of tachograph

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2022-02-28

Tachograph is an instrument that records the sound, image and other relevant information during vehicle driving. After installing the tachograph, it can record the video image and sound of the whole process of vehicle driving, so as to provide evidence for judging the responsibility of traffic accidents. People who like road travel can also use it to record the process of overcoming difficulties and obstacles. They record the speed, time and position in the video while driving. It is quite a "black box". The dash cam can also be used for DV shooting at home, monitoring at home and parking monitoring at ordinary times. The video data in the dash cam cannot be cut out. If it is cut off, there will be no way after the accident. The installation of the dash cam is also to prevent the porcelain bumping behavior in today's society.

Functions and uses of tachograph: 1. Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of drivers. If pedestrians cross the road and cyclists or motorcycles scratch them, they may be blackmailed. If they have a dash cam, the driver can provide effective evidence for himself. 2. Replay the surveillance video to make the accident responsibility clear at a glance, and the handling personnel can handle the accident quickly and accurately; It can not only retain the effective evidence at the time of the incident, but also quickly evacuate the site, restore traffic and create a safe and smooth traffic environment. 3. If every car is equipped with a tachograph, drivers will not dare to drive illegally, and the accident rate will be greatly reduced. The vehicles involved in the accident will be photographed by the tachograph of other vehicles, and the number of traffic accidents and escapes will be greatly reduced. 4. In case of professional porcelain collision and road robbery, the tachograph will provide decisive evidence for solving the case: the scene of the accident, etc.

Tachographs are usually installed on the windshield in front of the rear-view mirror. Most tachographs use suction cups, and some products use glue. Generally speaking, the dash cam has a built-in battery, and the power cord can be connected to the cigarette lighter to maintain power supply. If some friends need a 24-hour parking monitoring dash cam, they need to connect the step-down line through the recorder and directly connect the vehicle battery or acc. Car black boxes are much more hidden, and car owners generally don't notice them, because they are placed under the seat or instrument panel and are part of the vehicle's integrated electronic equipment. For most people, it may not be possible to judge whether their vehicle is equipped with a black box.

It is generally recommended to install the tachograph in two places: for vehicles without automatic anti glare rearview mirror and rain sensor, the position where the tachograph is installed between the rearview mirror and the front windshield can be checked. However, if there is no space for installation here, you can also place the dash cam in front of the chief mate on the right side of the rear-view mirror. In short, the principle is to try to be in the middle, so that the shooting angle will be more positive and more reference value.

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