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Development of thermal imaging development

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2022-02-24

What is the light wave of thermal imaging?

Light is visible light, which is an electromagnetic wave that can be felt by human eyes. The wavelength of visible light is 0.38-0.78 μ M. Electromagnetic waves shorter than 0.38 microns and longer than 0.78 microns cannot be felt by human eyes. Electromagnetic waves shorter than 0.38 microns are located outside the purple of the visible spectrum, which is called ultraviolet; Electromagnetic waves longer than 0.78 microns are located outside the red of the visible spectrum, which is called infrared. Infrared, also known as infrared radiation, refers to electromagnetic waves with a wavelength of 0.78 ~ 1000 microns. The part with the wavelength of 0.78 ~ 2.0 microns is called near infrared, and the part with the wavelength of 2.0 ~ 1000 microns is called thermal infrared. Camera images get photos, TV camera images get TV images, which are all visible images. In nature, all objects can radiate infrared, so the detector can be used to measure the infrared difference between the target itself and the background, and obtain different infrared images. The image formed by thermal infrared is called open. The thermal image of the target is different from the visible image of the target. This is not the visible light image of the target visible to human eyes, but the temperature distribution image of the target surface. In other words, infrared thermal imaging makes it impossible for human eyes to directly see the surface temperature distribution of the target. It becomes a thermal image representing the temperature distribution of the target surface visible to the human eye.

What is the development of thermal imaging?

Since the Second World War, thermal imaging technology has been applied in military. The instrument works with heat radiation, so soldiers can clearly see the whereabouts of the enemy through the dark battlefield. In addition, because it is a passive receiving system, it is safer and more secret than visible light equipment such as radio radar.

At present, thermal imaging technology has been widely used in daily life. An important application is to diagnose diseases. As we all know, when a certain part is inflamed, the body temperature rises. Measuring the body temperature can judge whether it is inflamed, but the exact location of the inflammation can not be determined. Thermal imaging intuitively gives the distribution map of the human body temperature field. Comparing the heat of the lesion with the normal heat can diagnose the focus from abnormal changes. Thermal imaging technology can also play its strength in the operating room.

As with disease diagnosis, if the electrical components, train axle box and circuit board of high-voltage transmission and transformation fail, they can also be checked directly with a thermal imager to prevent the loss caused by the failure. Thermal imaging cameras can also be used in geological survey, geothermal exploration, forest plant distribution, atmospheric and marine monitoring, fire detection and rescue. Thermal cameras can help rescue workers find victims shrouded in smoke and darkness and help save them.

Thermal imaging technology can also help scientists further explore the mysteries of the universe. It is expected that the application fields of thermal imaging technology will be fully developed, popularized and popularized in the future. China's thermal imaging technology began in the mid-1970s. After more than 20 years of unremitting efforts and with our own technical strength, Chinese engineers have successfully developed and developed a variety of thermal imaging equipment and systems. Infrared thermal imagers with excellent performance are widely used in China's national defense and national economic construction.

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