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Function of LED controller and matters needing attention in waterproof design

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2021-08-18

The role of led controller:

In today’s industry market, the demand for this device is increasing. This is mainly because it is the life support of LEDs. In the process of use, many people think that this device can be used as a general-purpose controller, but it is not. The functions and effects of each controller are different, so before you choose to use, you must clarify your scope and purpose of use to ensure that the final selection is appropriate.

   Attentions for designing waterproof led controller:

First of all, the use of a waterproof LED controller is great, and its existence can overcome the use of equipment in harsh environments. When selecting and designing this type of controller, you must pay attention to its reliability, especially LED street lights. Because of the high installation location and inconvenient maintenance of the controller, the reliability of the waterproof performance must be strong.

Secondly, the worst thing about the waterproof LED controller is the ability to resist surges, and the effect of resisting reverse voltage is not ideal, so during the design process, we must pay attention to the protection of this aspect, because the grid load is enabled. Induction and lightning strikes will cause various surges in the power grid system. However, these surges can cause very serious damage to the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to make corresponding solutions to this problem when designing.

Finally, it is necessary to ensure the high power factor of the equipment. This factor is the basic requirement of the grid for the load. Under normal circumstances, there is no mandatory index, but the similar loads should not be too concentrated, otherwise it will pollute the grid and affect the use of the equipment; This kind of equipment is an energy-saving product, so the efficiency will become very high. When designing, the equipment should be installed in the structure of the lamp.

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