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What does infrared thermography check

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-12-17

One is a comprehensive system. Professional doctors can conduct a comprehensive and systematic analysis of the patient's overall situation in combination with clinical practice, which overcomes the partiality of other diagnostic techniques that are limited to a certain part. Now the application of far-infrared thermal imaging technology has been able to detect more than 100 diseases such as inflammation, tumors, stones, vascular diseases, nervous system, sub-health, etc., involving common and frequently-occurring diseases of various human systems.

  Second, it is conducive to early detection of diseases. Compared with X-ray, B-ultrasound, CT and other imaging technologies, one of the most important advantages of far-infrared thermal imaging detection is early warning. Although X-ray, B-ultrasound, CT and other technologies have their own characteristics, they can only be discovered after the disease has developed. Far-infrared thermal imaging technology detects diseases based on the abnormal temperature of the human body, so it can interpret potential hidden dangers without obvious signs of the body. Some data show that far-infrared heat maps can detect lesions half a year or even earlier than structural images, gaining valuable time for early detection and prevention of diseases.

   The third is "green" non-invasive. Far-infrared thermal imaging diagnosis does not produce any radiation and does not need to mark drugs. Therefore, it will not cause any harm to the human body, will not cause any pollution to the environment, and it is simple and economical. Far-infrared thermal imaging technology has realized the dream of human beings in pursuit of green health, and people vividly call this technology "green physical examination."

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