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What legal knowledge should you know when choosing app development outsourcing?

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2021-08-18

What legal common sense should I know when choosing App development outsourcing? What are the precautions?

1. Precautions before App Development

Before the start of the App project, both parties should pay attention to: clarify the details and implement them on paper.

The two parties should clarify and implement the complete basic information of the project through adequate communication and sorting, including: the project name, project content and description, the functional points that the project needs to develop, and the various requirements of the customer for the project. The customer's ideas and requirements for the project should be put forward to the developer before the App development, and after the two parties have negotiated, all final content will be implemented into the agreement. If there is more content, you can attach it to the cooperation agreement in the form of an attachment.

2. Items to note during App development

After the App project starts to develop, both parties should pay attention to the following 3 points:

1. How to provide the information and data required during development: During the App development process, the developer is likely to need the customer to provide some project information and data. Then how to provide these materials, in what form and when, all need to be clarified, and a detailed handover procedure is required. If the handover is in paper or physical form, it is a better way to judge. But now it is more often provided in electronic form. If it is provided in electronic form, choose email as much as possible instead of QQ, WeChat and other transmission methods. Because the mail is a kind of evidence that is more recognized in the judicial process.

2. Development period: Generally speaking, App projects are developed in stages. This format will make the client more aware of the progress of the project, and also make the developer's work more organized. Huashitu Software divides App development into 7 stages: pre-assessment of requirements, product prototype design, UI design, APP-side development, server-side development, interface coordination, testing and acceptance. Each stage of development has an independent cycle and is delivered step by step. After each stage is completed, both the customer and the development team are required to confirm, and after the confirmation is correct, proceed to the next stage of development. The confirmation at each stage has legal effect, and the third party shall not change it at will, and it will protect the rights and interests of both parties.

3. Development costs: If the project is developed in stages, the development costs will also be paid in stages.

3. Items to note after app delivery

1. Delivery and acceptance: It is necessary to clarify what method the two parties will accept and what standards are met before acceptance. It is best for both parties to confirm in writing during acceptance. In accordance with the standardized acceptance system, APICloud completes a dozen deliverables including App installation package, front-end and back-end source code, and requirements documents.

2. Intellectual property rights: the ownership of intellectual property rights at the time of delivery must be agreed in advance.

3. Confidentiality matters: Both parties shall strictly keep confidential all commercial documents and trade secrets involved in this contract and the cooperation projects of this contract, and shall not disclose to a third party without the permission of the other party.

4. After-sales, upgrades, maintenance, and training: App will involve frequent upgrade issues, so how long the developer provides after-sales warranty, how to perform App maintenance and upgrades, require both parties to make written specifications in advance.

5. Liability for breach of contract, etc.

In conclusion, the common legal issues in App outsourcing are the reasons why the details are not clear or have not been implemented in writing. [Fu Zhongqi] Recommendation: Therefore, it is very important for customers to find a professional and reliable App outsourcing development company. Fuzhongqi has 10 years of mobile App application development technology and rich experience in mobile App development, and tens of thousands of successful cases of App customization. Continue to protect the interests of customers before, during and after development.

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