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How to make hotel app development stand out?

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2021-08-18

How does hotel App software stand out from the numerous hotel App software?

1. Reservation Service

Hotel App application provides customers with reservation services that is a necessary function, but also a basic function. But not all booking functions are the same. Excellent hotel mobile App applications will be different. Guests can sort and filter hotel products and services in various regions based on distance, price or brand on the hotel App software, and also provide map browsing functions. In addition to providing specific facility information and various housing pictures, guests are also free to choose specific room locations.

2. Registration procedures and virtual keys

The smart hotel App mobile client is focusing on solving basic services, because these basic services frequently become the fatal pain points of hotels. How many tourists have spent a whole day traveling and are exhausted, but they have to queue up to register when they come to the hotel? Or are they struggling with the loss of the room key? Many high-end hotels are developing mobile app registration services so that guests can be free Avoid those common troubles. And some hotel App applications are even better: they even provide virtual keys or keyless technology for guests to use directly, and mobile phone App opening and closing technology can gain users' enthusiasm.

3. "Loyalty Program" customer management

For large hotel chains, the ability to manage loyalty program points is the key to successful hotel App applications. Since the hotel's income mainly depends on the frequent stays of business travelers, the hotel's loyalty program determines the fate of brand loyalty. This means that if you can create an App that seamlessly integrates the reward mechanism, the hotel will gain a lot; otherwise, it will lose a lot. The excellent hotel App application allows customers to analyze and track room expenses in a very simple way, easily inquire, use and even earn loyalty points.

4. Concierge service

Although it is difficult to imagine the emergence of hotels without employees in the hotel industry, some hotels are providing a mobile App application software, which has almost replaced the hotel's concierge department. Through this hotel App, guests can directly book spa treatments, book rooms, and call specific room service products directly by lying comfortably in the room, which is more convenient for the hotel and customers.

5. City travel guide

Many hotel chains have launched more powerful hotel App applications, providing services beyond the hotel itself, adding a sense of life to mobile hotel App software. These hotel mobile phone App applications highlight the museums, restaurants, historical sites and other characteristic attractions around the hotel, making it easier for tourists to travel. Guests can choose their own category and browse the surrounding famous attractions. Guests only need to choose their favorite travel category, such as art, food, or brave challenge, and then they can find some personalized recommendations.

At present, if the hotel wants to create its own exclusive App or upgrade the existing App software, it must have the above functions so that it can keep up with the pace of the times, get the love of customers, and capture the hearts of guests.

In addition, hotel staff can learn about guest identity, favorite accommodations, comfort requirements, consumption methods and other information closely related to customers from the hotel App to sort out data, improve service models, and achieve perfection and innovation. In addition, the existing customer files of the hotel can be classified and managed, for example, customer characteristics, purchasing behavior, and value orientation can be obtained through analysis to locate high-value customers.

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