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The robot sweeper

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-08-12

Cleaning robot, also known as automatic cleaning machine, intelligent vacuum, robotic vacuum cleaner, etc. , is a kind of smart household appliances, with a certain artificial intelligence, automatically in the room to complete the floor cleaning work. Generally adopt brush sweep and vacuum way, the ground sundry is absorbed into the garbage collection box of oneself first, thus finish the function of ground cleaning. In general, will complete the cleaning, vacuuming, cleaning work of the robot, also unified as a sweeping robot. The first sweeping robot in the European and American markets for sale, with the improvement of domestic living standards, and gradually into China. The body of the sweeping machine is a wireless machine, mainly of disc type. Operate from a rechargeable battery, either by remote control or by the operating panel on the machine. General can set time to make an appointment to clean, self-charging. There are sensors in the front to detect obstacles. If you encounter a wall or other obstacle, you will make your own turn. Depending on the manufacturer, you may take different routes to clear the area. (some of the earlier models may have lacked some of the features.) Because of its simple operation and convenience, it has gradually become a common household appliance for office workers or modern families. Robot technology is becoming more and more mature, so each brand has different research and development direction, with special design, such as: double vacuum cover, with a hand-held vacuum cleaner, dust collection box can be washed and mopping function, can put fragrance, or photocatalyst sterilization and so on.

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