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Introduction of campus deployment application and scheme flow of face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-08-13

Application of face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machines deployed in different locations in campus scenes

   The face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one machine can be used with access control or gates, combined with an intelligent temperature measurement system, to achieve different functions in different scenarios.

   deployed at the campus gate

   Facial recognition and verification of personnel entering and exiting the school allows teachers and students to "swipe their faces" to pass, freeing their hands; effectively intercepting foreigners, avoiding random intrusion into the campus, and reducing the occurrence of campus security problems.

While    personnel "brush their faces" pass through, realize face recognition and body temperature detection, real-time screening of abnormal body temperature personnel remind teachers. Effectively improve the efficiency of temperature measurement, reduce the gathering of people, and reduce the possibility of large-scale infections caused by sick people entering the school.

  deployed in the dormitory

  Students quickly enter and exit the dormitory by "brushing their faces", perform real-time body temperature detection, and record the data to the cloud platform, so that teachers can quickly understand the student's stay and body temperature. If there is an abnormal situation, it is convenient for the teacher to track abnormal data in a timely manner and improve the dormitory management experience.

   Deploy face recognition and temperature measurement to facilitate the removal of the authorized list of old students from the management software after the students graduate and leave school, and the management of the authorized list of new students when they enroll. There is no need to collect keys or change the lock core one by one, which improves the management efficiency of dormitory personnel.

   Face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine application program process

   Combine the equipment with electric gates or turnstiles for matching applications;

  The manager enters the person's face and other information on the cloud platform;

   Personnel swipe their face to obtain facial information, body temperature, record entry and exit time and on-site photos;

   After recognition, based on the permission result, release or warning.

   The face recognition and temperature measurement all-in-one machine can not only be deployed in campus scenarios, provide convenience for teachers and students, and ensure the safety of personnel, but also can be applied to more public scenarios to achieve access control temperature measurement and other functional applications. Such as corporate office spaces, communities, gyms, construction sites, parks...

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