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Intelligent IOT

Internet of things app development

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-08-12

What are "smart connected products"?

Smart connected products have three core elements: physical components, smart components and connected components. Smart components can amplify the functions and value of physical components, while connections can amplify the functions and values of smart components and enable some of them to exist outside the physical product itself. The result is a virtuous circle of value improvement.

Which industries need to develop IoT apps?

1. Sports: There are many sports products, such as smart watches, smart pedometers, smart sports machines, smart basketballs and other sports equipment. As long as you can think of sports-related products with hardware devices, you can achieve your needs through smart hardware apps.

2. Smart home category: Mainly is the development of home product apps used in life, such as smart toothbrushes, smart beds, smart washing machines, etc. These are smart hardware products. Used in conjunction with the smart hardware app, you can remotely control the switch with your mobile phone.

3. Automobiles: The development of smart product apps for automobiles, and the more commonly used smart Bluetooth, smart lights, smart WIFI, etc. now.

4. Health category: In the health field, smart hardware apps are also used to develop products. For example, air detectors are commonly used in this field.

5. Service industry: catering call system, instant fast charging system, hotel monitoring system, access control system.

6. Traditional industrial production: industrial equipment control, production environment monitoring, real-time data monitoring and transmission. 

The impact of smart hardware app customization development on life

1. Smart health: make people's lives healthier through the data recording of a series of smart hardware devices such as smart watches and smart air quality detectors;

2. Smart sports: stimulate people's motor nerves through smart bracelets, smart badminton monitors and other smart sports equipment, so that people can fall in love with sports;

3. Smart home: through smart toilets, smart sweeping robots and other smart home devices to better liberate people's hands;

4. Smart home appliances: make people's lives smarter through smart home appliances such as smart washing machines and smart refrigerators;

5. Smart music: through Bluetooth music bulbs, smart Bluetooth speakers and other equipment, people's lives can become more convenient and more emotional;

6. Smart life: through smart anti-lost devices, smart shoes and other devices, people no longer need to worry about losing their items. 

Under the development trend of the combination of software and hardware, smart phones have become more and more humane and are used in factories due to the electronic, information, communication, and mechanical engineering applications such as semiconductors, MEMS sensors and precision machining. It has also become more and more automated, making life more convenient.

With the advancement of mobile phone software and hardware, the functions are complete, and the coverage includes all aspects of food, clothing, housing and transportation. Coupled with the arrival of the cash 5G network, App applications occupy a very large part of smartphone applications. Coupled with the combination with wearable devices, the development of IoT App will be unstoppable!


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