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Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-08-12

The characteristics of education APP development

1. Multi-disciplinary, multi-year classification, multiple learning methods. The student end of the education app requires not only mathematical formulas, ancient Chinese prose, foreign language exercises, and biological experiments, but also different levels of teaching content. Students need to submit homework, and teachers need to correct the homework. Therefore, an education APP has a heavy workload and different page layouts.

2. Multi-port development. From the previous feature, we can also see that the education app has not only a student side, but also a teacher side, and some even have a parent side. This is also in line with the current advocacy that education requires the joint efforts of teachers, students and parents.

3. Make full use of students' fragmented time. Students can arrange online learning of weak subjects according to their own time, and a variety of courses can also provide students with more choices.

4. Teaching content is the core of online education. Only when the courses provided on the app are high-quality courses, can students be motivated to learn online. Therefore, the development of education apps must ensure the quality of uploaded courses.

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