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Development prospect of Android mobile app application software

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-08-13

1. Android's APP application market is vast

 In the 21st century, driven by the Internet, many things have changed. Just as mobile phones have been developed into smart phones, Android APP development and ios APP development have also become the mainstay of mobile application development. There are more and more people using smartphones, especially China has become an Asian country with a large number of smartphones. Most of the domestic smartphones used are Android systems, and the Android mobile APP software market has such a large user group. , This is a huge market.

Before, no one thought that the Android platform would develop so rapidly now. New statistics released by the US market research organization NPD Group on November 1 show that as of the end of the third quarter, the sales share of the Android operating system in the US smartphone market has reached 44%, exceeding the market share of ios for the first time.

This is especially true in the domestic Android market, where the number of users has been rising. Smart terminals with the Android operating system are also growing rapidly. Although there are no detailed statistics, the increase in the number of users appears to be in short supply. Software applications based on Android development and training have begun to test the waters in China frequently. A number of mobile APP software development companies have also sprung up, accelerating the supply of APP software to meet users' massive demand for mobile APP software. There are more and more users of Android smart phones, and more and more users of the corresponding Android APP software, which also makes more developers flock to the Android mobile app development market. Therefore, Android development has good development prospects.

With the greatly enhanced ability of various platforms to support OpenGL ES, it is possible to develop complex 3D scene games. More and more professional game companies that have a leading position in various game platforms such as PC, PSP, PS3, XBOX360, have begun to rapidly penetrate into the field of mobile phone platforms of the Android system, making game planning more professional.

2. The Android market itself has certain advantages

Comparing Android APP software and IOS APP, speaking of Google Android system, it is natural to mention Apple iPhone and App Store. Gao Huantang, chairman of the Asia-Pacific Android Promotion Association and a well-known architect from Taiwan, said about these two platforms, "Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android app software market both provide you with more profitable opportunities, but I think, The former provides you with opportunities like sesame seeds, while the latter can bring you a burger. Because Android has both open and compatible creative space, it is very suitable to open the product market through innovative design combining software and hardware and earn money More benefits beyond app software development.” Gao Huantang’s view in 2010 is the main reason for the rapid increase in the market share of Android mobile phone software development.

3. There are more and more fields for Android APP development

Android (Android) will have more development in the future, not only limited to mobile games and APP software, but will also involve more fields, so engaging in android (Android) development is the inevitable result of social development. Its development The road will go further and further.

If there are IT developers who plan to enter the ranks of mobile application development, then act quickly. In the future, it will definitely be the world of mobile Internet, and mobile applications will also be the main body of development. If you enter mobile application development earlier, you can gain a firm foothold earlier. Now Android development tutorials can be found everywhere. If you are interested, you can download them online, buy tutorials in bookstores, etc. to learn by yourself, or go to training institutions to learn.

Android APP development can be said to occupy more than half of the application market, which also shows that the proportion of domestic Android phone users is still very large. This is indirectly reflected in the choice of smart phones. Not everyone likes the iPhone. The domestic consumption level has directly become the soil for Android's growth, and Android APP is an independent entity parasitic on the Android system. The huge number of users makes Android APP development still valuable, and Android mobile phone development also has significance. It is uncertain how it will be in the next few years, but at least, domestic users still need Android, whether it is mobile phones or application development.

A large number of user needs make android APP development still displayed in a continuous online way. From the consumption level and usage habits of the general public, the market for Android APP development is still very broad. Many game platforms turn to Android phones, and the development of Android game APP will continue to increase. Looking at the application market, it is not difficult to find that there are many types and fields covered by Android APP development. There are a large number of Android system developments for games, social, travel, and tools. The number of Android development will continue to increase, and the quality will also improve.

Although the profit of Android APP development companies is obtained from the use of customers or users, it can be said that there is a great uncertainty in profitability. However, as long as there is still demand, as long as the product is as good as possible, then the profitability will be improved. With Android as a development platform, application charges are not impossible. Perhaps, Android will one day be able to charge for more products like ios. At that time, it will be really evenly matched with ios.

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