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Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-08-12

ANDROID three advantages

1. Android is a mobile operating system with a large number of users


Just in May 2013, when the Android system was born on the 5th anniversary, the number of mobile devices using the Android system in the world has exceeded 1 billion. It can be said that at least one of the 6 devices around you will use this system.

2. Android APP promotion is relatively easy


Compared with Apple users who want to download apps only through the app store, Android users’ download is much easier. Not only can users download your apps through the app store, they can even scan a two-dimensional image in the advertisements and leaflets you promote. Code to start downloading your application.

3. The Android system is highly open

Compared to the fully enclosed Apple system, the Android system is highly open, giving developers a high degree of development freedom, and your application can be closer to what you want.

Purple Whale Internet has a top domestic Android development team, and our services include:

UI design: A clean graphic and interaction designer team ensures impeccable human-computer interaction, operation logic, and a beautiful overall design of the interface, making your APP operation comfortable, simple, free, and highlighting the positioning of the APP.

R&D: Native program settings, detailed Android software R&D specifications and processes, and the program has been optimized to ensure good memory control and smooth operation.

Test: Perform comprehensive tests on the system version, resolution, and hardware matching, as well as test the rationality of the interactive design and the aesthetics of the graphic design, ensuring the quality and level of the APP, and greatly reducing the risk and cost of the enterprise APP operation .

Promotion: Formulate a reasonable and efficient operation and promotion plan to help companies quickly enter the market, and quickly publish on Google Play (formerly Android Market) and the domestic large-scale third-party application market, with a high approval rate.

Service: Free bug repair service and subsequent system optimization, and a complete monitoring system guarantees the robust and efficient operation of the APP at all times.
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