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Serious homogenization of intelligent door lock industry reshuffle is accelerating the exit of related enterprises

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-12-17

At present, China’s smart door lock industry has more than 2,000 manufacturers and nearly 3,000+ brands. According to relevant data, in 2018, China’s smart lock production and sales volume was between 10-12 million sets; in the first half of 2019, smart locks were released. The volume of goods was the same as that of the first half of 2018. The shipment volume fell by 5%, the quantity was about 7 million sets, and the annual volume was about 14 million sets. In terms of the number of companies, there was no significant growth in 2019. Instead, there was a slight downward trend. However, some cross-border giants are still optimistic about the development prospects of the smart lock industry, such as Patriot, Fenda Technology, and real estate giant Jin Mao Lvjian in 2019 Years after entering the smart door lock industry. In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, sales have declined in a short period of time. As the epidemic situation improves, the popularity of smart door locks also tends to warm up.

Products need to follow more diversified needs

Due to the substantial improvement in living standards, the consumer demand of users has been changing, from necessity to practicality to quality. With more and more post-90s and post-00s generations in the decision-making body of house purchase and decoration, they are pursuing quality, The concept of enjoying life will also change the development law of the smart door lock market. Products with a sense of design and quality will be the first competitiveness in the smart door lock market. In addition, more humane and intelligent will also be smart door locks. Additional competitiveness of the product.

Since the industry's first mass-produced 3D face recognition smart lock Deschmann R5 was officially launched at the "Deschmann Smart Summit" in April 2019, 3D face recognition smart locks have begun to emerge, and major brands have also emerged Launched smart door lock with 3D face recognition technology. Compared with 2D face recognition technology, 3D structure recognition technology reads facial hotspot information in real time through professional flood light sensing originals, and uses infrared light, dot matrix, etc., to reverse the depth and position of objects, so as to accurately recognize and greatly improve The safety factor of face recognition is improved.

With the advent of the smart home era, simple smart locks cannot meet the more diversified needs of users. In order to meet the consumer’s “one-stop” shopping market demand, smart door locks are gradually integrated into the mainstream of smart homes and smart security In, linkage with security products such as smart cat’s eye, smart video doorbell, smart camera, and support for docking with apps such as Mijia and Tmall Genie are not only smart security items, but also an important part of smart security. For this reason, Smart door locks are in force.

Serious price wars and homogenization

Irrational price wars have even led to the return of smart door locks to a low-level competition state of price competition. Low prices have brought about low costs. The public model is directly used for production, eliminating the cost of mold opening. , Reduce quality, cut corners and cut corners to reduce costs. Or directly imitating the explosive products, saving R&D and design costs, and the low-level competition status directly leads to the low-level products.

In addition, the phenomenon of homogeneity is very serious. The smart door lock industry currently lacks a strict standard system, and not many companies in the industry have established strong technical barriers. This has led to serious homogeneity of products in the smart door lock market. Product quality is uneven, small manufacturers "crude OEM" and "substandard" survival method, a large number of brands imitate and plagiarize each other when competing to compete for the margin value of emerging markets, instead of focusing on product innovation Therefore, the development of smart door lock industry has appeared bottleneck.

As far as the product itself is concerned, the safety performance of smart door locks needs to be further strengthened. In recent years, smart door lock products have frequently been exposed to problems such as "trapped at home", "automatic door opening" and "small black box unlocking". For smart door locks, consumers first consider safety. Smart door locks Quality problems have repeatedly appeared, and the biometrics function still has loopholes, which makes some consumers wait and see, and the mining of user information and sensitive data makes consumers even more discouraged.

Industry reshuffle period accelerates the exit of related companies

In terms of brands, currently, the smart lock industry has formed three major camps: professional brands, Internet brands, and traditional cross-border brands. Among the three major camps, the backbone of the industry has transitioned from being mainly professional brands to three camps. The situation in the smart lock industry gradually reflects the brand advantage. In terms of breakdown, it can be divided into six small camps, namely: traditional lock companies, professional smart lock companies, home appliance companies, Internet technology companies, security products companies, and e-commerce platforms. The smart lock brands that are well-known among consumers in major camps include Kadish, Deschmann, Samsung, Midea, Xiaomi, Yunding-Luke, 360, Hikvision, Dahuale Orange, etc.

At the same time, the reshuffle of the smart lock industry has also begun to take shape. As the smart lock industry gradually enters the right track, manufacturers with inferior quality or without core technology and innovation capabilities will be naturally eliminated by the market. According to incomplete statistics, in 2019, at least 350 companies have been eliminated or opted to leave the smart lock industry. Some people previously believed that the reshuffle of China's smart door lock industry will not arrive until at least 2020. In fact, , The reshuffle of the smart door lock industry has been underway for a long time. It can be seen that uncompetitive products simply cannot gain a foothold in the fierce market.

With the chaos in the market, the battle for low prices, and the increasingly serious homogeneity of products, smart door locks will inevitably go through rounds of industry reshuffles, and ultimately the survival of the fittest will screen out brands that can truly meet consumer demand For enterprises, doing a good job in product quality control and research and development is the sword for enterprises to compete for the market. Only reasonable profits and reasonable success will enable enterprises to achieve sustainable development. Specifically, for smart door lock manufacturers, quality and reputation , Innovation may be the foundation of the industry.

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