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From restricting tiktok to acquiring, the United States has finally revealed its real purpose

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2021-08-18

After the acquisition is completed, ByteDance will retain a minority stake in TikTok, but will not have voting rights. The person familiar with the matter said: "This is the only feasible plan (to ensure the smooth development of TikTok in the United States)."

As soon as the news came out, Shi Chao always felt that the US government and these venture capital companies always had a taste of taking advantage of the fire.

Moreover, the fire was released by the US government, and the group of "robbers" who robbed were also Americans themselves.

It is no wonder that the US government will be jealous. TikTok is probably the most successful Chinese App overseas in the past decade. Before being blocked, the United States has been TikTok's second largest overseas market, with 45 million new users in 2020 alone.

And according to statistics in 2019, TikTok American users spend an average of 52 minutes on TikTok every day. This data has surpassed the US native software Snapchat (49.5 minutes), and the time they spend on Instagram is the same.

With such a huge amount of downloads, plus a full 52 minutes of usage time, TikTok can hardly not make money. . .

As of May 2020, TikTok's total global revenue is approximately US$446.7 million, while users in the United States alone have contributed US$86.5 million, accounting for almost 20% of total revenue.

These real money and silver eventually flowed into the pockets of a Chinese company. Coupled with the unstoppable user growth trend, this is probably one of the least things the United States wants to see.

So starting from February 2019, the United States has not stopped finding fault with TikTok. The first is a statement prosecuted by the US Federal Trade Commission.

In this statement, TikTok is accused of illegally collecting the names, email addresses, and other information of children under 13 years old without obtaining parental consent.

This is an infringement of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of the United States.

The solution given by TikTok is very simple and rude: first lose money and then apologize.

TikTok first paid a fine of up to 5.7 million U.S. dollars, and promised to implement a classification system for users in the future, and will not allow minor users to share personal information in the future.

However, what TikTok didn't expect was that the solution with money was only temporary peace.

Just in January of this year, the U.S. Army announced that it would start in 2020:

1. TikTok is not allowed to be used in military uniforms; soldiers connected to the intranet (NMCI) must delete TikTok immediately.

2. The Pentagon: TikTok is considered an "existing" or "emerging" threat.

3. Users who use government mobile devices: TikTok is prohibited.

You know, just a few months ago, TikTok was still a sweetheart of the US Army. A large part of the US Army are loyal users of Douyin. They often share their daily lives on TikTok.

The U.S. military even advertised conscription on it.

Soon afterwards, various U.S. armed forces successively issued notices not allowing soldiers to use TikTok, on the grounds that "Tik Tok is a cyber security threat."

TikTok immediately responded, stating that its data storage servers are all located in the United States, and even the backup data is stored in Singapore. In fact, it has nothing to do with China.

The United States completely ignored TikTok's statement and immediately prepared a third "big gift" for TikTok.

Just a few weeks ago, after the privacy feature in the iOS 14 system was updated, TikTok was found to be calling the user’s clipboard data in the background. Some "experts" in the United States believed that TikTok would obtain user information and send it back to China. Such things will threaten the national security of the United States. . .

The bad reviewer had already discussed this matter carefully with his friends last week.

In just one week, the United States has begun to contact venture capital firms to acquire TikTok's "great cause".

The three fires set by the United States simply do not give a way to survive. From the very beginning, there was a clear way to find loopholes in the legal provisions, and the subsequent accusations against TikTok were simply unreasonable.

Although ByteDance has made many huge concessions: hiring a US CEO, setting up servers overseas, and making TikTok's business and Douyin basically independent, the US government ultimately chose to ignore it.

And this set of guilt, what is the purpose of this unreasonable operation, the only purpose is: to turn TikTok into a completely American company from the inside out, otherwise you will stop being in my place.

According to Bloomberg News, Zhang Yiming has rejected the US acquisition plan. He wants to maintain his control of TikTok, but the US government has few options for Zhang Yiming and ByteDance.

Because the struggle between the United States and TikTok is no longer simply a game between a company and the laws of a country.

TikTok has become a bargaining chip in the political struggle. How can it tolerate others under the bed? The United States has been wary of Chinese companies in recent years to a frenzied level, whether it is TikTok or Huawei.

As long as you are a Chinese company and make money in the United States, you are born with an original sin, and "security issues" are a universal excuse for the United States. Blindly compromise and concessions are completely useless in front of the United States. What we have to do is to show the courage to defend our rights.

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