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What new experience can LCD instrument bring to users?

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2021-08-18

As a safety part of automobile, instrument panel is the link between people and cars. In the process of driving, the driving information should be displayed to the user through the instrument panel, such as speed, speed, oil quantity, water temperature, oil pressure, etc.

Later, with the advent of intelligent and electrified vehicles, the traditional instrument panel has been unable to meet the interconnection requirements of intelligent devices in the car, especially for new energy vehicles, which need to display more accurate information such as voltage, battery temperature, power recovery, etc.

Take the power display as an example. On the LCD Meter, the user can see the icon of the battery, and the power change can be shown in a curve. The advantage of this design is that the user can not only view the current vehicle driving information, but also retrieve the historical records of previous driving.


As a new display mode, LCD instrument can not only integrate more functional information, but also has diversified information combination display mode. Users can customize it according to their own preferences.

In addition, LCD meters are more convenient to adapt to different models. The pointer, panel and indicator light of traditional instruments need to be customized. The design relies heavily on the interior and sports style of the vehicle, resulting in high cost.

As users, the feeling of LCD instrument is more of a change in appearance. The traditional mechanical pointer instrument panel has become a very scientific and technological LCD dashboard only in science fiction movies.

High acceptance of new things and willingness to try new things is a major feature of young people nowadays, especially when after 80's and 90's, they become the main group to buy cars. The cool appearance of LCD meters bears the brunt of this, which gives them the desire to experience deeply.

Of course, no matter for automobile manufacturers or suppliers, the original intention of developing LCD meters has never been for the so-called sense of technology and cool. What makes people feel embarrassed is that most users' understanding of it still stays on the appearance, which has become a selling point for automobile enterprises to attract customers to buy.

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