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Category: wireless router

Transmission rate: 1200Mpbs

Protocol: 802.11ac/n
Number of slots: 4
Applicable object: Multi-service router
Wireless network support frequency: 2.4GHz/5GHz

Function: Gigabit, dual frequency in one, automatic switching, high speed through wall, high power, customizable

Product details

Gigabit dual band router, with Gigabit uplink WAN port rate and 1200mbps wireless rate. The WAN port adopts Gigabit wired port, which is ten times higher than the previous 100m port. Channel spectrum, 5g priority, dual frequency in one, automatic switching


The router processor adopts a single chip of 28nm technology, 1GHz main frequency + DDR2 Memory chip, which is stable and fast


Beamforming beamforming technology is supported, and the network goes hand in hand. It can lock multiple positions of wireless devices in the network and concentrate energy for directional transmission, so as to enhance the stability and transmission distance of wireless internet access


Using the second generation MU-MIMO multi device transceiver technology, the number of people is still fast. After multiple devices are connected to the router, they can send data to multiple devices at the same time, taking into account the balance of information transmission with multiple devices, and the network speed is increased by 20%


4 omnidirectional high gain antennas, 2 2.4GHz and 2 5.8GHz. Through scientific layout, the same frequency antennas can obtain greater isolation, effectively reduce the same frequency interference and obtain better transmission performance


Remote management, one key control of the device, safer and faster routing manager, just open the computer and enter the management address to control the working condition of the device at any time

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