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What's the difference between panoramic image and ordinary reversing image?

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-08-14

Therefore, more and more high-end models are now equipped with 360-degree panoramic images, replacing the traditional single-camera reversing image. So how much difference is the panoramic reversing image compared to the ordinary reversing image? The following editor will give you a general knowledge of panoramic reversing images, and you can understand it in seconds after reading it.

Normal reversing image effect of Aion S

Take the traditional reversing image as an example. There is only one camera on the top and bottom of the vehicle, usually located in a hidden position above the license plate. For example, GAC’s Aion S Evo 630 is a standard single-camera reversing image system, which is also seen on the market. The most one type. It allows you to see a 120-degree field of view behind the car. If you are a novice, it is not easy to get started with ordinary reversing images, because it can only help you refer to the rear situation, and you still need to cooperate with the left and right. Rearview mirror to complete the reversing, especially in the complex parking environment, the ordinary reversing image of a single camera is even more powerless.

Panoramic reversing image of Geometry A

So what will the experience be like if you change to a panoramic reversing image? Let’s take Geometry A as an example. On the central control screen, we can see that the panoramic reversing image is divided into three parts. The leftmost one is the monitoring status of the radar system. At the same time, the four parts owned by Geometry A are marked. For the location of a high-definition camera, you can click on the icons of these four cameras, and then the picture of the camera will appear in the middle for the driver’s reference. If you park in a complex parking environment, these four cameras can help you see All obstacles around the body, and finally the right side panoramic influence will provide a God’s perspective, to understand the position of your body in a bird’s-eye view, and when you turn the steering wheel, the yellow line in the God’s perspective screen will also be real-time You provide follow-up trajectory, and novices can easily complete the reverse. Isn't it very powerful?

Geometry A supports 360-degree viewing of 3D images around the car body

At the same time in the driving school in the past, the coach always taught everyone to go around the car before getting on the car to check whether there are any obstacles that affect safety around the car, or there are animals and children nearby. Now the panoramic reversing image also provides a 360-degree look around. Function, take Geometry A as an example. After turning on the surround view function, your perspective is no longer in the car, but a few meters outside the car to observe the surroundings of the car. You can change the observation position by touching it. It relies on the real-time images formed by the multi-cameras around the car and computer processing, so you can complete a circle movement without getting off the car!

to sum up

After reading the previous analysis, we return to the question at the beginning, what is the meaning of the panoramic reversing image? In fact, it is very simple. The significance is that it can completely eliminate the invisible blind areas such as the car A/S/C pillars. Although the traditional single-camera reversing image can provide rear images, it cannot guarantee your absolute safety when reversing.

Geometry A full car sensor

You can also understand the panoramic reversing image as the driver’s third eye, allowing the driver to clearly see whether there are obstacles around the vehicle and accurately understand the relative position and distance of the obstacles, especially to prevent the driver from seeing blind spots. It is easy to cause scratches and car accidents, and the panoramic effect can also indicate the adjustment of the angle of storage and reversing, helping the driver to park the vehicle safely and easily.

Since a complete set of panoramic reversing images is expensive, this function was only available in high-end cars in the past. However, the rapid development of pure electric vehicles in the past two years has greatly promoted the development of vehicles with L2 autonomous driving systems. Popularity, and these sensors and multiple cameras are the basic hardware of the L2 autopilot system, so the panoramic reversing image becomes an accessory to the car owner. For example, Geometry A mentioned above, you can enjoy the unique 360-degree panoramic image of the same level for less than 200,000 yuan, which is indeed very good value.

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