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New Mercedes Gla, seven years in the making

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-08-13

The current mercedes-benz Gla will sell for 264,800-385,800 yuan, and tonight the new mercedes-benz Gla will go on sale in "mercedes-benz night" for 303,800 yuan. Also on the market are the mercedes-benz Gla four-door Coupe and the mercedes-benz Gla five-door Coupe, which sell for 299.88-378.80 yuan and 299.88-381.80 yuan respectively. More exciting is the official debut at the Chengdu Motor show of the new Mercedes Gla, waiting for seven years finally replaced! Appearance Design, the new mercedes-benz Gla for us to bring no small surprise. Compared with the cash Mercedes Gla, the new model is more "spirit" . The Metal Strip on the blackened intake grille of the front is reduced from two cash bars to one, and is integrated with the large Mercedes logo logo design, with a higher degree of marking. The rear is equipped with a double ring LED taillight group, visual effect is good. Body size, the new Mercedes Gla length, width and height are 4417 / 1834 / 1610 mm, wheelbase 2729 mm. Compared with the current model data of 4449 / 1804 / 1535 mm and the wheelbase of 2699 mm, the whole vehicle space has been significantly optimized, and the height and width as well as the wheelbase have been enhanced, but the length has been reduced by 32 mm, making the body look more compact, round and sporty.

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