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Scheme development of children's Positioning Watch

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-08-13

POSITIONING FUNCTION: dual positioning, child positioning watch APP allows users to turn GPS on and off by themselves. Dual-mode positioning: Using GPS and LBS dual-mode positioning, GPS positioning accuracy in outdoor can reach 5 meters to 10 meters. Remote listening: When you want to know your child's environment, you can listen with a click. When this feature is turned on, the watch will call back the phone in a silent state, and when it is turned on, the sound around the watch can be heard. Drop alert: When the watch leaves the child's hand, it will send an alert to the mobile phone to alert The Guardian to the child's movements and support the Bluetooth 4.0 anti-drop alert alert. Voice Intercom: Voice Intercom function, the realization of the watch and mobile phone dialogue between WECHAT. Hold down the watch button can record, release the hand automatically send voice; when the watch received voice, you can press the button to play, simple and convenient. At the same time APP can also send voice, two-way voice dialogue, two-way call. Children Positioning Watch program development, time display: GPS automatic school, no need to manually set. Step-counting function: Always Monitor the Movement of the Child! Call Firewall: The watch can only accept calls from bound numbers, but no other numbers can be dialed. ELECTRONIC FENCE: Mobile APP can draw the fence area at will, once the watch left or into the area, will send a message like the mobile phone. The APP lets you set up several different enclosures at the same time. Location: 50-300 M; GPS LOCATION: 10-20 M.

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