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Cloud platform for large enterprises

Publisher: Administrator    Date:2020-08-12

Tencent's cloud platform provides the infrastructure to allow your Web applications to run on it, including: Web Elastic engine, cloud server, cloud storage, bandwidth and other cloud services. These cloud services are highly reliable, can support a large number of users, the scale of operations can be flexible and scalable according to needs, and so on, through automated operation and maintenance, it makes it possible for application developers to support 10 times the operating scale with the same human resources. Developers don't have to put too much effort into infrastructure maintenance, and can focus more on innovation and user service to achieve product success. 2. Weiyun is a huge storage network hard disk launched by tencent's computer butler. It not only integrates the functions of file synchronization, backup and sharing, but also directly connects computers and mobile phones. The cloud automatically uploads photos taken by the user's mobile phone over the Wifi network when the cloud is turned on. After uploading, the photos are automatically synced to your other devices over the Wifi network without generating traffic. In addition, micro-cloud also has mobile phones and computers, can paste copy, cut function.

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